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main photo Shawn Blanchard outside

Meet Shawn Blanchard

From “Crack Baby” to Author, Speaker and Mentorship Specialist, Shawn Blanchard in spite of his upbringing, has managed to evolve into an upstanding gentleman and inspirational leader to many. In light of his expertise with...
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main photo Christian Keyes, Saints and Sinners

Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes is what many would call a “Renaissance Man”. He has classic boy next door good looks, a flair for the dramatic, a way with words, and a heart of gold. With all this and more going for him, you may think it w...
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Fashion: To Black or Not Too Black

With Hollywood under fire for a lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, there has been much talk about diversity on the runway in the fashion industry. That word “Diversity” seems to be the new catchword for the fashion wor...
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Badman poster

Diary of a Badman

He was her assignment. She became his diary. Detective Simone Williams, a Jamaican immigrant to the US, dreams of working undercover on a high profile case. She finally gets her chance to go undercover in an attempt to catch a ...
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main photo Diallo thompson smile

Hollywood, Watch Out For Diallo Thompson

16 year old actor, musician, and rapper Diallo Thompson who recently starred in “Barber Shop: The Final Cut”, is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Diallo has several film credits under his belt as he stays on his gri...
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Don’t Stress

We all have events and episodes in our lives that cause stress.  In the average metropolitan area, even the daily commute can be highly stressful.  I’m often stressed while sitting in traffic, either thinking about the ...